About Ravno Štit

Ravno Štit is an animal protection association for dog adoption

What is Ravno Štit?

Ravno Štit is an animal protection association for dog adoption, founded by two women, mother and daughter. They could no longer stand by and watch hundreds of dogs be left on the streets to die. In the small town of Ćuprija, of approximately 20k inhabitants, every day dogs and cats are left on the streets. They are starved, tortured and terrified. Jasmina and Minja decided to take matters into their own hands, and in 2013 they began working out of their own home taking in all the animals in need. In 2019 Ravno Štit, as a non profit organisation was founded. At any given point their home is filled with the lucky few dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

How does it work?

Over the past 4 years Ravno Štit has rescued on average 20 dogs per year. Ravno Štit works with a small circle of supporters who provide temporary homes for dogs waiting to be adopted. They are placed in insulated, secure dog houses with lots of play time during the day. However, some of the more serious cases are live-ins with various neighbours and friends of Ravno Štit. All dogs are house and car trained, and throughout the temporary housing period receive love and care preparing them for their permanent homes.


What makes this non-profit different?

What is really special with Ravno Štit is that all dogs are:

  • Vaccinated against rabies and infectious diseases
  • Sterilised
  • Microchipped
  • Test negative to heartworm
  • Have their titer tests completed
  • Are ready to travel internationally
  • Car trained
  • House trained
  • Socialised with other dogs (and some with cats too)
  • Come with complete paperwork for adoption

How we prepare dogs for adoption?

Jasmina works with the local and national veterinary institutes to make sure all the dogs are ready for adoption and can travel internationally. This organisation is dedicated to training dogs and helping them adapt from the scary life on the streets to living at home. This involves making sure they are properly toilet trained, don’t make a mess when left at home alone, are used to being in the car, leash trained and have good recall. Jasmina works tirelessly to ease the transition from street to home life for every animal she saves.

How did this website come about?

Nevena adopted Humus in 2021 from Ravno Štit and has since been in close contact with Jasmina. In 2022, she and her partner Mikael decided to create this website to show the world how amazing this organisation is. Nevena, Mikael and Humus live in Belgrade for now, and are doing their best in trying to reduce the number of stray dogs in Serbia, and raise awareness of dog adoption.

Help us help more dogs.

How does Ravno Štit afford to run their operations?

Ravno Štit relies on donations from those who support the cause, and both Jasmina and her daughter invest every penny into making sure all the rescues are well fed and warm.

If I donate where does my money go?

All of the money goes directly to the dogs. This website is maintained by our personal accounts and the organisation founders work full time, so 100% of the money is meant for dog food, shelter and veterinary bills.

How much can my donation help the dogs

Every little helps. On average it costs us between 50-100 euros per dog per month. This helps make sure the dog is fed, the vet bills are covered, and the dog has shelter.