Why adopt a dog from Serbia?

by Nevena Tomovic

Animal welfare is a very emotive issue in Serbia. Countless strays roam the streets of towns and cities across the country, with an estimated 20,000 stray dogs in Belgrade alone. To date on average a thousand dogs are thrown out and abused every day in Serbia. Social-media feeds are full of lost pets and animals that need new homes. Stories of abuse and neglect are sadly common. An ineffectual justice system affords insufficient protection for human beings, let alone animals, which means that abusers frequently go unpunished, which is why we need your help to rescue, re-home and educate the Serbian people how to treat and respect dogs.

How did Serbia grow to have so many stray dogs?

The issue of stray dogs has been present for many years, and it is a complex problem that requires a multifaceted approach. Many of these dogs are abandoned pets, while others are born on the streets. The reasons for abandonment can vary, including economic hardship, lack of resources, or a lack of understanding about responsible pet ownership.

There are several organisations in Serbia that work to address the issue of stray dogs, including rescues, shelters, and animal welfare organisations. These groups work to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs, as well as provide education to the public about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Even with all of us working together, it’s not enough, there are too many dogs and not enough resources.

The Serbian government has also taken steps to address the issue of stray dogs. In 2009, a law was passed that mandated the capture and sterilisation of stray dogs in an effort to control their population. However, there are still many challenges and obstacles to effectively addressing the issue. One of the main problems we face today is that state organised shelters are 100% inadequate, and most dogs that are captured never make it back out.

Overall, the issue of stray dogs in Serbia is a complex and ongoing problem that requires a collaborative effort from individuals, organisations, and government entities to address.

How can I learn more about the state of dogs in Serbia?

If you have the stomach for it, here are a few recommendations where you can follow organisations working to help save dogs from the streets.

There are petitions to stop the killing of dogs currently circling, here is one we encourage you to sign and help prevent dogs face a certain death.

How can you help?

Help us save as many dogs, if you can’t adopt we ask you donate any amount you can. This will mean taking one more dog from the street and finding them a new home.