Car trained Family friendly House trained Microchipped Ready for adoption Sterilised Vaccinated

We found Piper trapped in a hunters trap with her front paw mangled. We managed to save her, and she lost two toes but is fully functional now. She is back to running, and being a happy dog. She’s vaccinated, sterilised and ready for her family. She is a Shar Pei mix, and is a perfect family dog. Very friendly and doesn’t require much exercise, she doesn’t like crowds and would love to have a big back yard to play in. She’s 14kg , so she’s a middle sized dog – easy to travel with and take on holiday with you. If you love Piper you can skip the forms and call us on (+381) (0)62 799 305 directly.


Here’s a bit more of her on our instagram. 

Adopt Piper

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