Family friendly Good with other pets House trained Microchipped Ready for adoption Ready for travel Sterilised Titer test Vaccinated

Adopt As. We say that As proves not to judge a dog by its looks. He might look scary but he is a loyal, well behaved, big baby! He is one of the most loyal dogs we’ve ever seen, and he is extremely attached to people. He was abandoned in a park and he waited there for 10 days for someone to come back for him, but no one did, so we rescued him. Today, he is a key member of our organisation, and we are excited to find him a new home.


Woof Woof Woof! As has been reserved!

Thank you for showing interest in As, but they are reserved, and waiting to go to their new home. Keep looking, there are many others waiting for new families. If you can’t adopt right now, every little helps us so we welcome every donation.