Džipsi (/Jip-see/)

Family friendly Good with other pets House trained Microchipped Ready for adoption Vaccinated

Adopt Džipsi. We found her pregnant and starved, so we rescued her immediately. Today, she is a happy 9kg curious dog, who loves children and other dogs. She is a calm, quiet dog who is perfect for a family looking for a new pet. She is great at home, and on leash – but loves to run around freely. She is also cat friendly! Her favourite pass time is cuddles with her people. Fully vaccinated and sterilised. Occasionally, she does need grooming 🙂 but she loves going to the salon.


Adopt Džipsi (/Jip-see/)

Are you interested in adopting Džipsi (/Jip-see/)? Fill out this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you can’t adopt right now, every little bit helps us so we welcome every donation.