“It’s always a good time for a wee” – a poem by a dog

by Ravnost Cuprija

In a world of wags and furry delight, Where scents unravel with every sniff’s might, I, a loyal canine, find solace and glee, In a moment so dear, when it’s time for a wee.

With a wagging tail and eager paws, I venture outdoors to nature’s applause, From grassy fields to streets paved with care, Every corner whispers, “Relieve and share!”

The world’s my canvas, a scent-filled map, With hidden stories and secrets to unwrap, In a universe of smells, oh, what a spree, It’s always a good time for a wee, you see!

In the morning sun or the moon’s soft glow, Through rain or snow, where the wild winds blow, I trot along, exploring far and wide, Marking my presence with joy and pride.

Every tree, every lamppost I pass, Becomes a page in my memory’s vast, Leaving my signature, my furry decree, That this territory belongs to me!

With every lift of a leg, a tale is told, Of adventures experienced, stories untold, A language of scents, for those who can see, That it’s always a good time for a wee.

And in those moments, so sweet and pure, I’m connected to nature, strong and sure, For in this act, I find my release, A chance to connect, find inner peace.

So, embrace the call of the wild and free, Join me, dear friend, beneath nature’s tree, Let’s celebrate this canine decree, That it’s always a good time for a wee!